2022 January 5

He’s finally out of hospital because they finally found a rehab place for him. He’s slightly stronger, a bit sharper, Marc said he was able tonight to walk around his new room to the bathroom on his own, but not ready to take care of himself, he’s physically weak, and he’s now and then delusional, he keeps wondering to Claire why Steve won’t return his calls (which is sweet, they did love each other). He knows something’s not right

Current hope is he’ll be there two weeks, build up physical strength, maybe learning how to drink something besides Yuengling and Coca Cola, get used to a regimen of eating at certain times, etc, plus gain needed physical strength and balance.

He is at Autumn Lakes Healthcare 2700 Barker St, Silver Spring (Georgia Avenue just north of Plyers Mill on the left side heading towards Wheaton), visiting hours 10-8 daily, room 245C. 

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