2022 January 9

Hey, see subject line

My eyes are ok, I’ll have to get yearly laser zaps if necessary to not lose more vision from glaucoma, stay on meds, he thinks I can and should avoid cataract surgery until necessary and I’m very ok with that

Roddy is in a dump off Capital View Road, he saw physical and occupational therapists Thursday and Friday and supposedly sees a speech therapist (who apparently determined whether patients might choke on the all pureed diet this dump serves and Roddy’s on it cause he *was* a choke threat when he first went to hospital, it will take the OK of another speech therapist before the dump can serve him food they can legally let him chew) He’can’t be home by himself but this dump is p(o)r(i)ison and does no one any good, if we break him out on Monday then home care will be covered up to something by insurance.

The four of us will badger him go to daycare, he won’t Everything I remember about working at Asbury as a janitor in the Dear God Let Them Die Wing came back to me, Roddy now talking about God

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