2021 March 6

  • This weekend a year ago we were in Michigan with our daughter and good guy husband I haven’t hugged my daughter since
  • Since I last hugged her they moved into house have home, we bought property twenty miles away because they are not moving *here*
  • I get my second plague shot hours after timestamp, judging from Earthgirl’s side-effects from her second shot yesterday it feels like the lethargic urgency of post-Trump Biden-time, hurry… the… fuck… up… to… normal suck knowing normal suck when reconstituted normally sucks more by design, post-Trump not as lower-case without exclamation marks yay as we’d hoped
  • I did break the grid winning streak – this is true, as I type this in nimplesote and promise copy/paste in original entirety though will sumbit (sic) wucking fordpress font, I hate the font I can’t change in pimplesnote – I credit the new Ishiguro for no greater reason I need blame something
  • Thank god the green splatter on wife’s clothes in dryer her hunters green watercolor tube in her pants not a pen in mine, fine metaphors abound
  • I don’t carry pens in pockets, I said before she discovered her tube guilty, all that money I spent on ink and pens for years up to a year ago, shortly after I hugged my daughter last in Michigan, I went digital, was clinched in Maine last July, I wish my daughter and son-in-law lived in Maine, I haven’t, I said to wife about green splatter, not only do I not use ink anymore if I was to use ink today it would be brown or indigo, this is why I grid myself to haiku and ungrid so sloppily, I hate pordwress, this the fuckittablet

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