2021 February 25

I dread the arrival of the new Ishiguro, if it wows me could do more damage than I read forty pages surrender and blame me
which is what I’m going to do for at least twenty-six reasons. I’m stalled this rereading of Moby Dick where I knew I would stall when the whale carnage starts which I knew starting the reread
I play I override my hardfast rules but won’t bypass whale carnage to ravage human carnage and I’m never gonna read whale carnage again Notice everyone on your team
despondenter? Malaise-ier? Quittier? Biden not apostasy-worthy, Democrats, I despise my keystrokes despising Democrats
I am telling you three times my original training remains dominant no matter how many three times I tell you we are you know and is
doing more damage but we’re not, we’re just being updated, our original programming trumps and nothing will taste new again in the new insect protein dinner carnage future but
Is more. I yodel again: I am timeline, 1959 to now, Cassandra, canary, weathervane, fool, I will save a cat before human except if it’s you