2022 November 15

Should I write about my marriage at some point? Is this
tonight’s poem? It better be. I love her when I’m with her I
love me most when I’m alone. I’ve tried to make that not
true. She is not here with me now while I write this
poem and I will not show her the poem and I’ve never
asked her to read any of my poems. Tomorrow we hike
the Appalachian Trail through blooming mountain laurels

2022 October Whatever

Just ordered from Marshall Street:

  • Champion Sidewinder, 169g, orange
  • DX Sidewinder, 167g, pink
  • XT Dart, 169g, purple
  • DX Leopard, 167g, white

We’ve hired a handyman to fix shit we can’t and L disappeared my first five discs of choice and second five discs of choice compacting, I played Seneca Monday with a Star Beast, DX Leopard (love, love love, dope), Champion Roc, DX Wolf, Champ Aviar dug out of a box in the trunk of my car when I normally Champion Sidewinder, Champion Leopard, Champion Roc, DX Wolf, XT Dart, the same model Roc and Wolf in box for reasons (weight, hex, respectively), and I played happy enough to suck spectacularly next time but I did not go OB once much less need creek fish for disc, nine 3s, four 5s, fourteen 4s, Seneca still 2/5ths in A, birdie 13 while you can, the only thing I choose to do than disc golf is hike with L

Screen shot of fitness band I complicitously let map my movements, all 27 holes!

Feels like I’ve stopped painting

2022 August 1

Now that I sit and type
where I sit and type
I sit and type
and justify buying
more particular model
pens, my vacation
mandated ink
timer a tick till BEEP,
I will use them at work
not sitting and typing
on screen that I sit and type
at? in? on?
Two weeks same
house not ours
too much for the two of us
who were not too much
for the two of us
for the two weeks
just the two of us

2022 April 4

  • At Hilltop now a covid, flu, and strep outbreak
  • Two weeks ago the mask mandate lifted as did mandatory covid testing for undergraduates
  • 80% of people on campus maskless, all aware of the covid, flu, and strep outbreak
  • Myself and my colleagues wear masks because one of us is six months pregnant and worries
  • Our boss doesn’t, sits in small enclosed rooms with us
  • My colleagues are livid at boss and I am livid for them
  • Key component of our shitlord ordered daily reprogramming
  • requires lucratively rewarded amoral shitlord psy-op savants rewiring us
  • to ignore the personal livid for seething hatred
  • against anything and anybody and everything but shitlords
  • Did you know that Disney is Communist?
  • I will ask my boss in our weekly one-on-one to wear a mask at least in the presence of the one of us who is pregnant
  • I’m not hopeful I won’t have to write about it without some increase to my personal lividity, revolution!

2022 March 15

Me in a Robert Serra at Glenstone, a rich fuck’s private art collection as laundromat but free, just need a reservation, usually need to make months in advance, it was Sunday morning an hour short because of clocks and the wind chill factor in the lows teens I was told on the eights so I what the fuck tried and got us in at 10AM, only slot open, Saul to Parkwood to Knowles turns to Strathmore to Rockville Pike to Tuckerman to Falls to Glen (the bridge over Watts Branch where Glen, South Glen, and Glen Mills meet still magic) to there
Humanity cannot outgrow its death drive!
Waltzing towards Armageddon
This is a fossil-fuel war
The epidemic of covid complacency
Death of a political animal
Not only the first museum we visited since plague and then not-plague plague, the only shitlord showoff laundromat I’ve ever visited that *didn’t* charge me for the privilege of admiring shitlord’s collection
Low pay, no advancement opportunities
In which I jinx my reading of Wings
Henry James reviews America upon his return from self-exile
I read Ohle’s *Motorman* and loved and ordered the next Mordenke novel but weirdest the sherbet I thought between the two *another* attempt at Henry James, so here I am jinxing not only the having fun! read of Wings of the Dove I am jinxing my reading of the next Mordenke of Ohle
Shitlord loyal to their rubes, MLB edition
Maggie’s weekly{ feuilleton }’s weekly
I will write about work here but for now I’m burying it in grids not because anyone who’d object reads but here is the Kids in the Hall allusion
The cats and dogs of Istanbul
Lynn EmanuelCovering Ishiguro

2022 February 12

When south on Senena Bluff Trail after the abandoned 1930’s steel plow but before the bluffs over Seneca a new installation, a hippo I found forgotten in the smallest, most out of the way I never look pocket in my backpack Look for it today eye level on the left side of the trail while heading south from the parking lot off Montivideo, I am trying to figure out what I want to do here, some still unseen something someday

From the best of Seneca Bluff Trail’s bluffs over Seneca Creek, an eye-level of winter woods, I’d have to teach myself fucking wordpress just to post the level just above stupid and format not the issue and not necessarily content the issue my welcoming committee, 7 of 10 times home

2021 October 17

Subaru hate and desperate I own a new Subaru
a base model 2022 Impreza sedan one of only two new cars available
plus Fitz did me right on the trade-in for fucked-up service on recall
Too, try walk into a car dealership and buy a new car, cash in hand
there will not be another new car in America until 2025
Bluetooth works there’s no CD-player
console not a casino slot machine
It made it to 70 on 270 today without shuddering

2021 April 13

Oral surgery this morning, an implant for the main grindstone, I’ll be offered painkillers but hope to not need them (I didn’t after wisdom teeth yanked)Original appt three weeks ago, I was cresting, save down for down whenever possibleFortunately for the surgery I need get done no crest needs saving since thoughts about the clusterfuck despite blue bells bloomed in head
Another human’s bone installed in my jaw knot
to anchor the peg (it will c0me back to you) of my next more than temporary but heavens from permanent crown
(Leo Feldman and his homunculus, I know, it’s the first thing I thought of too)(That *Fine Metaphors Abound* not divisible by five or seven proof of theory!)The first words I heard Joe Biden speak about the most recent publicly know murder of a Black guy by cops were, I paraphrase, whatever you do don’t go to the local Walmart and steal diapers and formula you can’t afford on minimum wage
*Scholarly scaffolding* a Kind littwitter with scholarly scaffolding Goal One said to me about Amy Clampett whose *The Kingfisher* dropped when I was twenty-three and changed my ear and why nobody reads her now
OK with you if I disappear without explaining?

2021 March 4

  1. I don’t want to daily document the Manchin presidency’s shitlord taint
  2. Last night in car my favorite version of New Order’s *Temptation* shuffled o
  3. you got green eyes o you got blue eyes o you got grey eyes
  4. but. Can you imagine a month digitally unfed, someplace gorgeous, sumptuous, disconnected?
  5. Can you imagine imagining what permanently paradigm altering catastrophic kaboom
  6. you hope don’t happen until you returnto hottake
  7. imagine while I eat fresh roasted just harvested vegetables
  8. after a breathtaking ten mile mountain loop with Earthgirl? my vacation email fuckyouing you
  9. If I leave my Fitbit at home in the morning I’m a mess at work the rest of the day
  10. I wear Dickies carpenter pants with front pocket halfway to my knees deep for my phone right pocket righthanded
  11. Before the plague I thought it an impossibility I would – I think about this a lot, daily – thinking it might save me
  12. Now it’s not an impossibility I could. I should probably do it before it’s mandatory for faith’s sake

2021 February 27

Ground saturated slush and rain melt refreeze melt re: we knew the trails shared with dirt bikers deep suck your boot off mud, we drove to Falls and MacArthur to find where we park barking with No Parking signs and nobody parked there
Intersection blind from all three directions and for all moving objects, hikers, joggers, dog-walkers, bikers, cars, cars 45ing in a 25, cars backing out of parking after hiking with bikers and cars 45ing
People parked on MacArthur on the left as soon as you make the left from Falls (or on the right uphill from Old Anglers before the right onto Falls) (which has the stop sign but half-blind to bikers and cars uphilling from the parking lots for people not doing the hikes people park at the top of this hill are) on county, not Fed, property
The hike: Gold Mine counter-clockwise to Valley to (very briefly, 1000 feet, if that) Anchor to Woodlands to Goldmine, Valley Woodlands a permanent seat on My Sillyass Deserted Island Five Game of mile and a halfs, slays me every time, Earthgirl can vouch, you can see for yourself with or without me, and winter and wet and grey
Before the plague regulars horizontal parked on MacArthur so could pull out into traffic and see objects coming toward them from front and back
but when woods filled with people who would rather die of plague than EVER AGAIN walk in the woods (this is good for me) began parking MacArthur sideways and it stuck, at least six more cars slot sideways than length-wise, it killed the easement, added thousands of feet more erosion and degradation, people spinning mud to back out into a dangerous intersection with multiple blind spots and moving targets
I remember one serious enough wreck (when people horizont0led) to make mention to doink my lodge but won’t hazard when, at least a decade ago, one lazy google search page one disclosed no secrets
The gated mini-Versailles direct on right on MacArthur and direct on right once turned right on Falls of a sudden on sale, it’s a metaphor worth noting though fuck you not fine if slappy standard abounding and connected
If I removed your blindfold a hundred yards into the woods and you walked down Valley then across Woodlands you’d never know you’re a mile and a half (on foot, half a mile as Crow flies) from shitlord self-Versailles and shitlord Versailles laundromats, fine metaphors abound

2020 November 21

Tonight’s lead story:
having released the Krackern
Georgia Governor Krackern
the TRAITOR Brian Kemp
pick-up-trucked by Krackern,
Fox bowtied Krackern-Whisperer
2024 potential Krackern POTUS candidate
the Traitor Carlson
by Krackern decree (I am sm
all, I laugh),
Charles Koch ovens
he over-released the Krackern,
chuckles self-deprecatingly until cameras confirmed off
Today in Oligarchs’ Oopsey Ocence.

2020 October 17

Think how this election ended when Ginsberg died
News does not organically turn rancid on a candidate
What if covidscare – and I need to write about this, I live with two (one in absentia) covid freaks
I am not a covid denier, I follow the rules, I am swabbed two times a week
my badge must be green for me to work anywhere but my couch –
When you own the casino you make the rules
Yodel if you yodeled both can be true
plague’s spread fenced essential
plague’s spread fence essential research into more essential fencing
I inked in tablet today, first time since August 15
black pen brick red ink blue pen brown ink
school bus yellow pen cobalt ink sky blue pen
black ink, plum pen beloved indigo blue
on banks of Hawlings River, Lynn painting over
there, did you know there is still a word perfect
I discovered this morning when simplenote wouldn’t load
four hours later inking in tablet this the first time I’ve typed Lynn
in the same sentence I think of publishing
everything out of oven prerequisite cooling burn lips
blister tongue Tablet rules typing
I cheat, most honest canvas I walk