2020 November 21

Tonight’s lead story:
having released the Krackern
Georgia Governor Krackern
the TRAITOR Brian Kemp
pick-up-trucked by Krackern,
Fox bowtied Krackern-Whisperer
2024 potential Krackern POTUS candidate
the Traitor Carlson
by Krackern decree (I am sm
all, I laugh),
Charles Koch ovens
he over-released the Krackern,
chuckles self-deprecatingly until cameras confirmed off
Today in Oligarchs’ Oopsey Ocence.

2020 October 17

Think how this election ended when Ginsberg died
News does not organically turn rancid on a candidate
What if covidscare – and I need to write about this, I live with two (one in absentia) covid freaks
I am not a covid denier, I follow the rules, I am swabbed two times a week
my badge must be green for me to work anywhere but my couch –
When you own the casino you make the rules
Yodel if you yodeled both can be true
plague’s spread fenced essential
plague’s spread fence essential research into more essential fencing
I inked in tablet today, first time since August 15
black pen brick red ink blue pen brown ink
school bus yellow pen cobalt ink sky blue pen
black ink, plum pen beloved indigo blue
on banks of Hawlings River, Lynn painting over
there, did you know there is still a word perfect
I discovered this morning when simplenote wouldn’t load
four hours later inking in tablet this the first time I’ve typed Lynn
in the same sentence I think of publishing
everything out of oven prerequisite cooling burn lips
blister tongue Tablet rules typing
I cheat, most honest canvas I walk