2022 April 3

I think get out of stocks
bury the money in land
pretend land not stolen

Digital money, can’t
buy hummus at student
union w dollar bills

Why bother with chip
implanting, I volunteer,
shit, I fucking beg

You! Look at me! often
If I wanted office I’d
run on hate too three and four

campaign promises
matter, their unmattering
composts, click POST now

One thought on “2022 April 3

  1. when bruce cockburn and i were in the same room in the 20th century he sang ‘stolen land’ accompanying himself on the drum –

    here’s a performance with him on electric guitar recorded a few years later

    also coming to my attention at youtube today – this indian – from india – song

    earlier today i was reminiscing about the song ‘three coins in the fountain’ at the daily mail and expressed the hope that lady gaga would record it and have a hit from it – i’ve been to the trevi fountain, when my family lived in italy – which is where my younger brother was born – his son, my nephew, is a student at georgetown university now –
    truly everything is connected – as robert louis stevenson wrote – paraphrasing now – there are so many amazing phenomena in the world which we could regard as reasons to be happy if we wanted to


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