2021 December 24

My Next Gen Clusterfuck Metaphor of the Day: Picard returns to the Enterprise to get his saddle discovers the crew routinely conducting a barium sweep up to no good, the barium sweep has started, any living cell barium swept be dead, Picard uses his saddle to capture the nogoodnik who’ll be a Bejoran terrorist in the penultimate Next Gen episode and a Vulcan cast member on Voyager. Picard threatens torture and death with a laser welder, the nogoodnik scoofs, says, you’re Starfleet, you won’t kill me. Picard zaps him with one of those across all franchises Star Trek neck needles that fart upon injection, I guess you’re right, says Picard, then leaves him unconscious to die in the barium sweep

2021 October 17

Subaru hate and desperate I own a new Subaru
a base model 2022 Impreza sedan one of only two new cars available
plus Fitz did me right on the trade-in for fucked-up service on recall
Too, try walk into a car dealership and buy a new car, cash in hand
there will not be another new car in America until 2025
Bluetooth works there’s no CD-player
console not a casino slot machine
It made it to 70 on 270 today without shuddering

2021 January 5

Faith cannot be bought
though fake belief can be smoked
but not if it’s not
cured in honest rot
slow-roasted in extra-hoaxed
faith of the tree knot
Zealots can be bought,
taught to hear each word spoken
as instruction not
faith, grifts’ full jackpot….
I’ve faith in trees, and my broken
faith is overwrought
but not for sale. Caught
paying for belief I joked
slap’s most when it’s not
My faith leaves a blot
in every hole ever poked
Faith cannot be bought
Find a free tree knot