2022 August 14

Full disclosure: these *are* watercolor and ink and pencil on either regular graph paper or regular watercolor paper (Arches, yes, fuck me, the block does keep the paper from warping when drying), but to capture a closer image to what they look like wet (versus what they look like dry) I scan the dried on the office scanner/printer and enhance the colors using souped-up saturation and souped-up vividness and souped-up sharpness and souped-up resolution, I don’t consider this cheating given the limited skills of the artist for anything but lines and color but think I should mention it in case *you* think it’s cheating, fine metaphors abound

2022 February 8

investigate resonancefm radio in office Tuesday
sent an ambient show to Claire and confessed again I suck as correspondent
texted back by Claire laugh just more our shared genes
set up work simplenote abandoning reliance on memory like I abandoned tablets
old man catches shit kernels in digital colander
analog shit calendar effort for work fuck that
will forget to call daughter and she him