2021 April 13

Oral surgery this morning, an implant for the main grindstone, I’ll be offered painkillers but hope to not need them (I didn’t after wisdom teeth yanked)Original appt three weeks ago, I was cresting, save down for down whenever possibleFortunately for the surgery I need get done no crest needs saving since thoughts about the clusterfuck despite blue bells bloomed in head
Another human’s bone installed in my jaw knot
to anchor the peg (it will c0me back to you) of my next more than temporary but heavens from permanent crown
(Leo Feldman and his homunculus, I know, it’s the first thing I thought of too)(That *Fine Metaphors Abound* not divisible by five or seven proof of theory!)The first words I heard Joe Biden speak about the most recent publicly know murder of a Black guy by cops were, I paraphrase, whatever you do don’t go to the local Walmart and steal diapers and formula you can’t afford on minimum wage
*Scholarly scaffolding* a Kind littwitter with scholarly scaffolding Goal One said to me about Amy Clampett whose *The Kingfisher* dropped when I was twenty-three and changed my ear and why nobody reads her now
OK with you if I disappear without explaining?

2019 September 3

Today in privilege: urpped eating
massive Windows updump
my laptop won’t poot post
shitdown, I need hard boot
start up, once up putt sleep re
fresh sleep putt refresh think
I have a warranty I *can* fuck up
my computer I called Dell
think let them into brain
click legal, drive me
fix me, fuck is wrong with me
Original problem still fresh resleep
the fuck in my brain ate my passwords
All but two posts a year tagged My Complicity
many of them Fine Metaphors Abound