One thought on “2022 December 8

  1. Okay, I’m beginning to reclaim the buzz for this one after the one above this one hit me like a hard-swung sock full of some (fully active) flambĂ© dessert. This one looks like a living system evolving toward the condition of text. These are so much better than looking at online reproductions of paintings because they don’t feel mediated/ filtered by photography. I like how the image on my screen* IS the Artwork (or at least I have egocentrically claimed them as such) and they are looming over my desk! These have often picked me up on days I felt neutral (my natural fund of enthusiasm dampened by the idiotic machinations of psychopathic Antfarm-Owner Overlords). It’s like ART is forcing itself up through the cracks in the sidewalk despite the Gray-Face Overlord agenda of TOTALLY PAVED PLANET. (I guess I’m writing the unofficial bootleg renegade catalogue for my mind’s version of The Collection)…

    *It suddenly occurs to me that your work is a PC/ MAC phenom more than a phone phenom… your work is on my big-assed screens, the big-assed screens of people-of-a-certain age (unless we’re talking about Gamers); I guess your work must be aimed at COOTS ‘n GAMERS?


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