2021 March 19

When national company runs a Pick a Perfect Bracket Win Ten Million Bucks how much does the company pay the insurance company to guarantee that loss? Genuine question.
I wear a tracking device on my left wrist that communicates my fat ass’s data to everybody on Earth who’d give a dangerous shit and prompts a communication to me from result of algorithm to assure me my self-incriminating buddy looks after me
I considered wearing the self-incriminating buddy on my right wrist and on my left wrist the best wristwatch I’ve ever owned, runs on sunlight just like Klara, buy a new nylon strap and wear until and past the next new nylon strap, Nope, says dope to that lame compromise, and the watch will work but will never trust said dope again anyway
My fucking iPhone in my right-handed right pocket more valuable than my wallet, my keys hang by carbiner guarding my iPhone in my right-handed right pocket, it tracks me better than fitbit not yet fully google borged (but soon!), duplicative functions, I’d need adjust to apple tracking to fitbit and could wear that watch that will never trust me again, apple’s mile .26 miles shorter than fitbit’s and for every 10000 fitbit steps iPhone says 7700 which isn’t the problem it’s the zertz, alarms and notifications, I want to be gently electrocuted awake and need be zertzed when certain people zertz me.
My watch laughed at me last week when I moved it from desk drawer to windowsill and after an hour it stretched its arms

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