2022 January 26

Robert Reich says Biden should nominate Obama to replace Breyer
but Villager consensus settled in ten minutes on Kamala Harris
both deliver on a Biden campaign promise to name a liberal
woman of color and allows Biden/Democrats to dump the anchor
Harris as vpotus is and reboot Biden’s 2022 midterm energy
Robert Reich the larpiest professional Democrat playing
progressive of the professional Democrats my friends tweet
derisively for unsatisfying laughs from fellow apostates. L tells me
Breyer’s ice cream crap now, not the Breyer’s of her youth (I don’t
like ice cream, I’m told it’s very good, try the jamocha shakes) I have
not yet seen anyone nominate Hillary to replace Harris though I did
see someone retweet a person nominating Hillary to scotus to piss
off crackers, you know who Fox’s target audience is when New
Gingrich says on Tucker that Republicans will take every single
congressperson on the January 6 commission and roast them to
death one at a time on national TV in a copper donkey with open
mouth out of which scream unanswered pleas for mercy before
anguished death brays, yes?
If true it would re
present a fun
damental shift of pow
er in the quad
rents’ mime’s incen
diary novel of my apo
stasy of meek out
rage at best pract
ices, never borrowed nev
er overdue Tab
lets ink watercol
or ruler now tree
knots abandoned

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