2022 January 29

It takes a touch of madness to take seriously the possibility that your entire society is insane
Your suicidal thoughts and shitlord profits
aRe yOu in the mARKEt fOr a uSEd cIa tORTURe fACILITy in lITHUANIa?
Your prayers to White Jesus Cracker and shitlord profits
To be fair there is an app or one is in design for your weird faith too
If you murder two people in cold blood your gun will be punished!
The egregious lies Americans tell themselves
On yesterday’s bridge collapse from 2018
Shitlords: a how-to on how they shitlordmore here
Ukraine and U.S. War Propaganda
Abolition: notes on a normie shitstorm
Crackers are sore winners
Shitlords, motherfucking pigs, infrastructure
Walking DC from east to west
People don’t trust liars
Biggest riminalcay anggay in mericaay
Spotify is not a music company
{ feuilleton }’s weekend links
The sublime ironies of John Ashbery
On the practice of *personal criticism*
Turning stories upside-down
Another Will Oldham/Bill Callahan interview

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