2022 February 18

Do I abandon simplenote for evernote, the free version? It does have the back button I keep fucking up in simplenote and need, before I consider I need copy paste into blooger, the reason google docs is a fail

First cut and paste seemed fine, ok, will give this a try, I can simplenote this with the exception of having a back button

So here it is in the chromebook, I am making the migration for at least a trial, I will keep it as simple as possible but use the few tools I know how that are useful that simplenote didn’t have as well as the undo a fuckup button, I have no need at this post to tag and merge and sort and shit

Having posted today, and lost my haiku, and suddenly poetry not reading for me at all, all seems pretentious, I have nothing to write at this minute, sometimes that changes

I abandoned simplenote for evernote like I abandon everything except my wife and daughter and father and brothers and friends and motherfucking job I honestly wish I *could* abandon, my alzheimer’s retirement funds 80% invested in Ponzy Inc stocks, and my favorite bands and rigid political positions and related obsession with uniforms and my cats, I’d never abandon my cats (though we talk of fewer cats (when by natural attrition) of getting a dog, we really want a dog) and 95% all of my dogma-n, but I feel no disloyalty to simplenote notable only that plus or minus good about me this is yay! new

I’ve tried abandoning explaining what I just said just after I say it, by far the greatest effort to change my explaining why I do things habit, and I haven’t tried much less abandoned monitoring digital bumps how much you love me though I *have* noticed I check much less often than once but tack that up to my too scrambled mind, I can remember a Dead concert in Syracuse University’s Carrier Dome in eighties but what did you say a minute ago more than indifference, I couldn’t abandon sideways playing sideways my whole life and was taught to not be sideways cowardice, pick a fucking uniform and root

Laugh, copy/pasting testing in wordpress, let me explain why I hesitate to experiment on pOj in wordpresstan

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