2022 March 24

  1. Can’t stop thinking about dinner Saturday night past and my interaction with my not-blood sister-in-law a poster child for upperest middle-class privileged Democrat
  2. – I wrote that part Wednesday morning I’m typing now Wednesday night – when I typed in the morning I didn’t think about N-B S-I-L weirdass mention of Madelyn Albright as a personal hero in our conversations, her smacked expression when I called Albright the war criminal she is and now (by grace of Blessed Serendipity) was (for this poem’s sake) (worth it)
  3. I said as a peace offering, you cannot be a United States Secretary of State and not be a war criminal, but that didn’t help
  4. I saw Albright on campus within the past two months, and the loyalty she inspired in her colleagues and students tells you all you need to know about the curriculum of this Shitlord World Domination Wargame Training Facility, wait til you meet the grad students and faculty of government, business, and economics
  5. I did not say anything when N-B S-I-L (I do have a blood sister-in-law, she’s nice, she and L make each other laugh) tried to Hillary-bait me, I was busy not biting on brother-in-laws baiting me with Steve Miller Band songs
  6. Hilltop killed its mask mandate, don’t think it’s related to Madelyn Albright’s death, just asking, I wear my mask for people who want me to wear my mask as well as me
  7. half Hilltop happily unmasked, seeing the lower half of a face I’ve seen half hidden for two year I think fuck
  8. Do I look like an almost but not me to you too? do you forget my name for a second when you see my mouth for the first time in two years?
  9. This is true, the copy-pasting magic of wordpress over, new bloggerfart, what? deffjump is taken?

One thought on “2022 March 24

  1. i did my undergrad years in poli sci at a world famous university paralyzed around science, so i got a taste of the attitudes of those who decide others’ fates – this was when the shah was modernizing iran and strategic hamlets were making sure that south vietnam would stay in the american sphere of influence

    but i have a happy memory of steve miller, whom i saw on two separate occasions in my massachusetts years

    and speaking of steve miller, and of hilltop, you may or may not recall the name of hilltop law school grad sandra fluke, condemned by rush limbaugh for saying that health insurance should pay for contraception

    i wrote the following at jonathan swartz’s blog ‘a tiny revolution’:

    I very much appreciate Rush Limbaugh’s contribution to the public discourse on this issue because his naked misogyny makes it clear (in a way that the priestly pieties of some, or the polysyllabic social analyses of others, are designed to obscure) that we’re not really talking about freedom of religion, are we? We are talking about the most deeply rooted existential fear that those of us congenitally crippled with only one X chromosome are differentially burdened by. Even Freud could not bear to confront this issue, as Otto Rank pointed out. Freud diagnosed women as having “penis envy”, instead of perceiving that men enslave women (a) because they can, and (b) because they fear the fact that women have the power of life (not “life and death”, just life) in a way that men never can.

    Instead of fear and hate, let’s look for the love and wonder that we are also capable of. As an attempt to cleanse the palate, may I suggest a song from the 1969 Steve Miller Band’s album Your Saving Grace — Baby’s House?

    The piano solo is by Nicky Hopkins.

    Posted by: mistah charley, ph.d. at March 2, 2012 10:29 AM


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