2 thoughts on “2022 December 28

  1. the central circle here reminds me of the psychedelic mushroom ‘fly agaric’ – amanita muscaria –


    r. gordon wasson – an American author, ethnomycologist, Vice President for Public Relations at J.P. Morgan & Co, and recipient of CIA funding – theorized that fly agaric was the intoxicant ‘soma’ of the vedas


    i heard of wasson at about the same time that i became acquainted with the work of the firesign theatre – not among their witticisms recorded at wikiquote is

    “i’m high on the real thing – a clean windshield, a shoeshine, and a full tank of gasoline”


  2. I believe you are possibly the William Blake of Alien Cytology and this piece is a breakthrough which integrates previous breakthroughs.If this were a Golden Age Sci Fi story your Wife would have heard a strange hum and seen a golden flash of light coming from your studio at the moment you completed this… running into the studio she’d have found (fill in the blank).


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