2 thoughts on “2022 September 15

  1. This looks like it’s Mandelbrot-fuzzing along its pellicle edge; I’m also digging the vacuole action. But also it feels face-like, like “Paul Klee’s rejected sketch for the faux-fierce-face fronting the gentle persona of the Tranya-quaffing homonculus”*. These are my unfiltered associations though I feel (selfconsciously) like I’m talking cafe-conversationally-loud in an Art Museum. What is happening is that I am jazzed up by looking at “non-professional” Art… Art that isn’t *pretending* to be sincere (its IS sincere, or, that is, non-gimmicky or career-calculated). Your project is tickling some buried receptors mostly hooked up to ’60s and ’70s memories. I’m late to your work because I had a bad browser problem with the Blogger plaform for years. Anyway: I look at “big ticket, carreerist” Art and zilch happens. So this is good. I want more of us 60+ Creators to strike palpable blows against the Lazy Whatever. I only trust Creators who aren’t (even trying at) doing it for munny.

    *Anyone reading this who doesn’t get the reference will assume I’m schizophrenic.


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