2023 January 17

To stop myself thinking about it I bought an Arches 12 x 12 hot-press watercolor block which, if I’d thought about it instead of thinking I needed to buy it, is too big for the bed of the scanner I use so I can post the squares here and there and too big for the laminator I use so that the squares can be handled without fountain pen ink staining fingers, the above is the 12 x 12 cropped to 11 x 11, fine metajeffphors abound

6 thoughts on “2023 January 17

  1. This looks like unboxed components of a board game enjoyed on Altair IV by Krell children; I am enjoying this bright spectacle at 1:17 am: should be in bed, I’m fighting off an unfulfillable craving for great pizza (haven’t had great pizza since 1989/ 1990). The Krell colors help.


  2. PS The new John Cale track is nice and sparky and fresh; if only Bowie had done this instead of that dolorously portentous litany of Bowie-puzzle clues called “Blackstar”. Cale achieved just the right levelof fame, I think, to keep him both protected and on his toes.


    1. Yup, youtube of it posted at the other place yesterday.

      I was born without the Velvets gene (and actively dislike Lou Reed’s music – plus he was an asshole (including in a major way towards Cale) but LORDY, do I love John Cale’s music (and he’s reportedly as lovely a human as Reed is an asshole)


  3. Paris 1919 is in my pantheon! I saw JC in 1978 in a little club called Zoogie’s and was misled by the experience into believing that Music had been newly re-launched on a recklessly steep ramp and would be rising rapidly, forever.

    Re: Reed: Indeed! He had the New York lead-with-your-attitude-thing down pat; I liked a couple of the melodic post-flower-power Velvet tracks (eg the one about the Sun, and Bowie made something good of Walk On the Wild Side) but I could NEVER Grok why so many of my Wh*te M*le chums revered that lightweight pr*ck Lou Reed, who always reminded me of a front-stage version of the backstage Jerry Lewis, bitter and nasty (stomping around in nothing but his garters); I guess it’s to Reed’s credit that he did his venom-dipped shit in *front* of the cameras. Plus: he diddled a stone-cold N*zi (Nico)! Did he really diddle Laurie Anderson or were they both beards? This is from Warhol’s Diaries:

    “Lou Reed called and that was the drama of the day. He’d come back from a successful tour, he was a big hit in L.A., but he said Rachel had gotten kicked in the balls and was bleeding from the mouth and he wanted the name of a doctor. Lou’s doctor had looked at Rachel and said that it was nothing, that it would stop, but Lou wanted another doctor to check. I said I’d get Bianca’s. But then Lou called back and said he got Keith Richards’s doctor to come over. ”

    I’d *LOVE* to see security cam footage of Cale p*ssing on Reed’s grave…


    1. Laugh, I never knew he was married to Anderson until I read about it after he died. I never dug Anderson’s music much enough (though I understood its influence) to be disillusioned about her by her marriage, bearded or not, with Reed

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