2021 February 14

After the National Guardsperson scanned my QR code, my drivers license, and asked me my birthday then read the legal liability disclaimer and I was next in line for a shot Earthgirl said for the fourth time today, seventh time two day total, I am utterly fascinated by this, and I agreed, planning, coordination, an efficiently tight operation after nine months of zoom meetings with bosses who were idiots before the plague, it…
National Guardspersons herding people through an amusement park’s giant parking lot of a cornfield maze of orange cones in freezing rain, the abandoned rides in the distance this weekend’s second finest metaphor abounding, the finest that neither me or Earthgirl could get a decent photo
When I go self-swab two times a week at Illhoptay signage warning me not to take photos everywhere, on Saturday at Six Flags I didn’t think to take photos and I looked Sunday for posted no photo signs and saw none, looked at the paperwork handed me, not a word about photos, I know Illhoptay a private business but I am telling you three times: Last Weekend in My Trained Complicity
Alternative theory not in opposition: we hike, we shop, we go to work in car or house, this felt like a freaking vacation, the first fucking unique, as in haven’t done *that* before day since how many months, years, before the plague?
Kettling and retraining reminds me of my kettling and retraining

2021 February 9

I am old of a sudden, I suddenly can nap and not wake up yellow
Without simplenote to thumb when I thought of that and this sentence this and that sentence never typed here
I can nap. It’s not just a great cat. I younger not odomotor-wise on far side of nap than nap’s start
and not yellow rest of the day not yellow at all, sudden of old am I
If I drove the roads state local gravel on Frederick-Carroll County border I’d get lost but find myself like an exhumation
My arms blotch red raspberry, I dry winter itch where I need a utensil to scratch
I find myself understanding why the other side hates the other side when the other side wins and the other side loses
Old of a sudden I. I woke up yellow nap once last week and filed it under aberration