2021 January 27

Fellow knobbotons…
I caught it, here, I’d say, here’s
the key the treeknob

shrine grab your beads now
and I stop to fix typo
gone Goons count on this

Seven of the thirteen
shrines installed since Giftmas’
(does that seven count?)

still breathing I want
snow the fuck is wrong with me
knobbuddies, it’s gone

2021 January 17

I will clean a pen
so when I don’t use it it

would ink the tablet    
I don't have in my backpack 
along not with my   

malfunctioning pen  
I deeply strained my hamstring  
tripping on step stool  

saved my life, forehead 
melonwise split on endcap   
I am grateful to limp   

pleased I can still dodge   
but alerted: I never    
almost died tripping    

and twanged an ouchy    
like an old man with dry pens   
and inkless tablet  

2021 January 5

Faith cannot be bought
though fake belief can be smoked
but not if it’s not
cured in honest rot
slow-roasted in extra-hoaxed
faith of the tree knot
Zealots can be bought,
taught to hear each word spoken
as instruction not
faith, grifts’ full jackpot….
I’ve faith in trees, and my broken
faith is overwrought
but not for sale. Caught
paying for belief I joked
slap’s most when it’s not
My faith leaves a blot
in every hole ever poked
Faith cannot be bought
Find a free tree knot