2021 August 12

I am the plumber*
invited to committees
by professionals

to describe shit-tubes’
best practices re: shitty
deliberate choke

points (professionals
either acknowledge I know
of what I speak or

forever dismiss
me (death to the either/or)
as embittered staph)

What makes a good boss
sharpest interview question:
Me, nine of ten say

*I am the polite
Bajoran people invite
to symposiums

but have no real sway
among my people* today’s
lame metaphor, gag

2021 August 10

Our shitlord astronauts, who are not actually shitlords but for Bezos, actively fuckyouing you, I’m leaving this
shithole as soon as I can. Working in a university library slaps me daily re: attrition and decay as shitlord
Policy One. I no longer do the Slothrop allusion but I am a trajectory of motherfucking late boomers
No one has ever asked me and no one ever will why I didn’t type a period at the end of the third line.
Shitlords savant-mine amoral geniuses, their most gifted sociopathic actuaries tell them to tell peasants the shitlords rocketing to Mars
Betting on clusterfuck shitlord poker. Why do I daily shorthand and deliver shit you already know?