2020 August 18

Tomorrow marks 30 full years working at Engorge Goner University
Half my life, successfully still nobody but somebody enough
to those I like, thank you who somebodied me. If Earthgirl didn’t
see the ad in classifieds of Washington Post
insist I call, insist I call, Havid Dickey for an interview
this post and timeline doesn’t exist.
Kid(s) other, happy, hopefully, no Planet

2020 July 11

Jesus fuck jeff scrivener
fixed your woes before?
Glad that typed out rem
Ember my scrivener com
Plaint the auto-capitalism pro-
Blem even when I hyph-
Enate. Acrostic I day
Dream forbidden gim
Micks by tyrant (don’t
I’m not) I do count knu
Ckles though religiou
Sly I cheat, editing
In days evaporating
Faster than alcohol
Wipes, I can’t decode
What I inked into type
Ruin both, so scrive
Ner, my new tablet!
For the sixth time.

2020 July 3

  • Snyder certainly warned this kaboom inevitable, offered a less disgraceful off-ramp
  • He made them do it
  • I’ve lived here my remembered life
  • I was a fan, avid
  • Landru and I watched games together most Sunday afternoons for years, the 70s, maybe a third of the 80s
  • There was no apostasy (there was a trial separation), I started hiking Sundays with Earthgirl
  • Helmetball hate in general, hating Snyder in particular, credit Snyder*  
  • the half-assed psychopath desperate to join Team Sociopath
  • (*also too late-capitalism)
  • Please keep burgundy and gold

2020 June 12, 14

Four times out of five

my damn needs bleeding I’m dark

Light, I think, one fifth

Light I’m not dark yes

Light I still light in forest

chords still chime, rhymes rhyme

Not dark most. Today

Nozzle One nozzled Nozzle

Two for prime fuck you

Nozzle Two wilco

(Sun Volt is better). Uncle,

to pun low light. Light

beats dark. I miss dark

My new vegetarian

hiking boots orange

(rhymes with door hinge) an

kles OK I wore orange shoes

can’t wait dark restock

me restock me. Some

mere I fear most, pathogens

neighbors, my cat’s shit

could have chemically

reprogrammed my daughter’s soul

turned her bookkeeper