2021 January 27

Fellow knobbotons…
I caught it, here, I’d say, here’s
the key the treeknob

shrine grab your beads now
and I stop to fix typo
gone Goons count on this

Seven of the thirteen
shrines installed since Giftmas’
(does that seven count?)

still breathing I want
snow the fuck is wrong with me
knobbuddies, it’s gone

2021 January 17

I will clean a pen
so when I don’t use it it

would ink the tablet    
I don't have in my backpack 
along not with my   

malfunctioning pen  
I deeply strained my hamstring  
tripping on step stool  

saved my life, forehead 
melonwise split on endcap   
I am grateful to limp   

pleased I can still dodge   
but alerted: I never    
almost died tripping    

and twanged an ouchy    
like an old man with dry pens   
and inkless tablet  

2021 January 14

Haven’t crashed spiritually was ambushed by a motherfucking footstool
one of those jeff-seeking death stars made in Milwaukee in 1975, fuckers
And pain, physical pain, ouch, I think I remember pain no, nothing but a charley horse catching my balance
better hammie than face but reminder I remember too, me Cassandra, canary, weathervane, fool