2021 April 21

I have been skipping traditional birthday posts here, the last I did was Lena Lovich on March 30, I did not keep a list of who I skipped (but wish I had as bump for this sentence) and I’ll do the research April 2022 to remember who I skipped, I’m sure there are more than a dozen more my stations of my crosses than Lena Lovich’s station
I did not look the night-before-last for yesterday’s and didn’t notice yesterday’s until looking for today’s that yesterday a double birthday, Iggy was 74, Robert Smith 82, four months and a week younger than me
iggy song
I listen to any Iggy song I hear but haven’t personally sought out and played an Iggy song except on his birthdays or songs for a week off a new album release in two decades
I can play maybe a dozen and a half Iggy songs anytime I want in my head
I can play dozens of Cure songs in my head anytime I want
I seek out my Cure CDs (both those I bought and those SeatSix burned for me all the fucking time
cure song
Friends and Beloveds worry that I am angry on the road to Mad, and more, please shut the fuck up, you told me this already
I agree, why I took it out on traditional BLCKDGRD birthday posts I’ve a theory
I’m manipulated to be mad I’m not madder and mad I’m not sadder I do dick about it
iggy song
Sadd(l)er days of my life, when there’s no daily catastrophic kaboom in some room of my eleven houses I know something’s wrong
Sad, not mad, is new, I agree with friends and beloveds mad is not sustainable as an antidote to sad, which is new
Robert Smith is four months and one week older than me
Cure song

2021 April 20

My first thought: shitlords’ proposal to destroy every nation’s traditional football pyramid a canary in distress our shitlords suffering a liquidity issue
esarhparap I ,skeew eerht ni x doorb adacic ekil smug gnilaeh eht fo tuo sevlesmeht krow lliw enob fo stib llams dias noegrus laro eht ekil tsuj :thguoht dnoces yM
My third thought: shitlord don’t care, this opening offer on next contract of Fuck You
taht od reve dluow I taht ton ,etorw I tahw rebmemer ot ti decudorp taht margorp eht otni ti etsap nac I nwod-edispu eht ni etirw i tahw tegrof I nehw :hguoht htruof yM
My fifth thought: I do not understand why many humans cannot hold in their head that covid is a dangerous disease AND our shitlords see it as the greatest opportunity in decades to expand, extend, and normalizes that expanded and extended and make expected harsher shitlord rule
evah thgim I emit tsal eht fo yad a sulp gnol sa tsael ta ro niaga reven dna ecno gag siht esu :thguoht htxis yM
My seventh thought: shitlords solve these problem like these shitlords you just don’t root for the shell company in the Bahamas like scoursers generationally invested in Liverpool
emit txen eht litnu emit tsal eht ecnis noitcudorp htiw reippah neeb reven evah I :thguoht hthgie yM
My ninth thought: shitlords know they’re done, the game to be last shitlord standing after they’ve killed billions of you, thanks to covid their actuaries and futurists and accountants and knead better date who’s(e) first cullworthy, second, third, so on, tiers of your usefulness as labor or garbage far more accurate and, this is important, I will be digitally stimulated to look up to my next tier and down at my lesser tier via ever more sophisticated invisible fencing by the best propaganda specialists and idiot savant algorithm scripters shitlord money can buy
lrightraE htiw ekih si od ot tnaw I llA :thguoht htnet yM