2020 September 18

That is Jeff what I
do. Digitilized tablets
six of one, combust

able tablets half
of the other. I don’t trust
my translation tab

let to type when I
can’t read my handwriting, by
January I’ll

buy ink abandoned
next June when I don’t feel like
translating scribble

want type no edits
Wait, what, Ruth Bader Ginsberg’s
just died, diatribe

no, I’m laughing, glad
I’m not explaining why, glad
tomorrow morning

I’m not transcribing
wait what ruth bader ginsberg’s
died from ink to type

2020 April 12

Lamy’s black ink in a Lamy
fountain pen on white paper
darker than Lamy black ink
on Lighthouse’s beige bleeds
much more on Moleskine rag
scritchs more on white paper

Once I would have grunted a sestina
here. My list of apocalyptic words
BAYnull to bahNAIL exhaustive
I am sixty and new to history
happening, mine, one in nine
mes dies when poxed, my daughter

twenty-seven experiencing history
dependent on dice roll, me? Normally
I write poems in pencil to erase
for palimpsests effect, editing
never a factor. That box from work
I’m burying tomorrow, this poem goes there too