2019 September 3

Today in privilege: urpped eating
massive Windows updump
my laptop won’t poot post
shitdown, I need hard boot
start up, once up putt sleep re
fresh sleep putt refresh think
I have a warranty I *can* fuck up
my computer I called Dell
think let them into brain
click legal, drive me
fix me, fuck is wrong with me
Original problem still fresh resleep
the fuck in my brain ate my passwords
All but two posts a year tagged My Complicity
many of them Fine Metaphors Abound

2019 January 18

So much do I hate the copy/paste fuckery from nevernote to b;ooger
I explain not notebooking by hate of that fuckery
I don’t revise draft I like for fear of cukfing pu

most draft it abandons me or me it

I wrote work onblog today nothing fireable for cause
the hollow callous automatic rapacity

of each of our economies’ inviolable
rubrics (and where there’s a rubric

in one of my poems can a rictus
be left ungrinned?) the point: we’re

all monsters, he says,
the ironic rictus



2018 November 11

My mother seems better for medicine, my father is better by visit from granddaughter

After Thanksgiving Dinner late afternoon Saturday past because my daughter was in town this weekend, not Thanksgiving weekend

younger brother and his wife and my youngest brother and my best friend and his wife and their son there

I thought my mother and father, not being there and why, would dominate conversation, but no

After Thanksgiving dinner my wife and daughter agreed with me that my younger and youngest brothers designate me to drive my parent’s death bus

I will drive the death bus, my not taking keys till now not I won’t drive the death bus

I need save my father from his sister who loves to drive the death bus