2021 July 17

How many times do you think you’ve pissed in your life?
I will be 62 in six weeks do the math that’s 22,630 days
4 into 62 add 15.5 days for leap years = 22,645.5 days
x how many times you pissed a day on average
factoring age, medical history, especially UTIs
plumbing and sump pump problems, weight fluctuations
everything you’ve forgot not just the last time you pissed

My problem acknowledging
Shitlords censoring crackers to incite crackers
yes to incite crackers but more incite me?
Works, visa versa of course, fractionally Shittier Chow when necessary!
The valence of -.06% less-shittiyism

For the oofed time tonight I remind myself not to explain, here’s
why How many times now? I don’t keep count

2021 April 15

Two days ago an oral surgeon ball peen hammered out the rest of my main grindstone,s dead tooth then glued in with my drawn blood a cadaver’s bone graft before drilling the peg (it will come back to you) for my crown in four months
Two rounds of hammering, both times my mouth full rictus by doorjamb while nurse used both hands under my jaw to brace for whammering
Didn’t hurt at all, hasn’t hurt since, the excavation site, jaw, stitched gums, he RXed me vicodan and no and no and as I type this I haven’t Aleved or Tylenoled
I ate four megadose antibiotic an hour before the surgery and five more since with four more to go and I will comply and understand why but that and a sore trench diet = purge
Plus the physical trauma tomorrow and Friday, I do feel I took a fall and hit my head that I can’t remember of a sudden
Post -experience, why didn’t I have my phone on record to hear him ask repeatedly you ok me doorjamb opened with my tongue pinned down by nurse when hammering me diaphragming uh-huh to record the tapping like hour bells, it didn’t occur to me so fuck me and didn’t occur to them and more likely they don’t care
I needed a ghost experience I have a dead man’s bone in my mouth

2021 April 13

Oral surgery this morning, an implant for the main grindstone, I’ll be offered painkillers but hope to not need them (I didn’t after wisdom teeth yanked)Original appt three weeks ago, I was cresting, save down for down whenever possibleFortunately for the surgery I need get done no crest needs saving since thoughts about the clusterfuck despite blue bells bloomed in head
Another human’s bone installed in my jaw knot
to anchor the peg (it will c0me back to you) of my next more than temporary but heavens from permanent crown
(Leo Feldman and his homunculus, I know, it’s the first thing I thought of too)(That *Fine Metaphors Abound* not divisible by five or seven proof of theory!)The first words I heard Joe Biden speak about the most recent publicly know murder of a Black guy by cops were, I paraphrase, whatever you do don’t go to the local Walmart and steal diapers and formula you can’t afford on minimum wage
*Scholarly scaffolding* a Kind littwitter with scholarly scaffolding Goal One said to me about Amy Clampett whose *The Kingfisher* dropped when I was twenty-three and changed my ear and why nobody reads her now
OK with you if I disappear without explaining?

2021 March 16

Josie’s father
Part Three = Coggling Machine
Chells bime
That Klara programmed to Kind
itself programmed to sacrifice for owner
Klara programmed to believe all parental motives honorable
Klara talks of its fellow Artificial Friends for sale and misses their staring out the window at customers and both adjusting their head tilts and facial expressions to best sell themselves as artificial, what works best
One of Ishiguro’s always themes parenting and lack thereof, orphans, always orphans
Klara thinks Josie runs on Sun
The story line of Klara’s sacrifice is strained, as is its success, as is the book’s
My bells chime, this machine naif puppeted by handlers with different motives it was programmed to believe all without question
I’ve part five of five tomorrow. I bet Klara ends up in the used artificial friend lot (typed Monday)
Rick the only other character in novel through part four not tainted with motive, so far nothing but Kind
That at certain times Klara cannot control its vision suggests someone is directing it to see what the someone wants or more importantly doesn’t want Klara to see
When the mother gave Klara a test-run as Josie
Why is the housekeeper named Melania who speaks with a central European Slav accent?
When the mother accused Rick of being happy he hadn’t been lifted while one of her daughters dead from lifting, the other now near death
Me and objects, the ones – rocks, watches, Dogduck – I believe in some small empathic connection
Contrast and compare how the Mother treats Melania and Klara
Manager, Klara, Mother, Housekeeper, Rick, Rick’s mother, Rick’s mother’s ex-lover, Klara’s father, puppeteer
So Father goes along with Klara’s plan to disable Pollution in deal with sun who would save Josie (the father listens to the machine say I can’t tell you but help *me* save your daughter and he’s like, Ok I will, but let me short-circuit this machine to save my daughter) in order to disable Josie so the puppeteer can’t create a Klara as Josie, the reason Mother bought Klara
Manager noticed Klara’s exceptional talents as an observer and info-processor than others of the same model Artificial Friend from the same assembly line and tells Klara when Manager sees Klara in… I was almost right, was worse than I thought
Rick and Josie split up after Josie recovers, she goes to Lifted University, he starts a career building spy surveillance drones
Klara would have died to save Josie, programmed into a machine parents buy their lonely mid-teen children: sacrifice
Enough for now. I re-plensished my plastic animals, Happy Tree Knot
A watch I had for fifteen years, the strap broke but I was fatter my knees bad year I bought a self-surveillance tracker I lost weight I lost soul
I could still buy a new strap but don’t but

2021 March 4

  1. I don’t want to daily document the Manchin presidency’s shitlord taint
  2. Last night in car my favorite version of New Order’s *Temptation* shuffled o
  3. you got green eyes o you got blue eyes o you got grey eyes
  4. but. Can you imagine a month digitally unfed, someplace gorgeous, sumptuous, disconnected?
  5. Can you imagine imagining what permanently paradigm altering catastrophic kaboom
  6. you hope don’t happen until you returnto hottake
  7. imagine while I eat fresh roasted just harvested vegetables
  8. after a breathtaking ten mile mountain loop with Earthgirl? my vacation email fuckyouing you
  9. If I leave my Fitbit at home in the morning I’m a mess at work the rest of the day
  10. I wear Dickies carpenter pants with front pocket halfway to my knees deep for my phone right pocket righthanded
  11. Before the plague I thought it an impossibility I would – I think about this a lot, daily – thinking it might save me
  12. Now it’s not an impossibility I could. I should probably do it before it’s mandatory for faith’s sake

2020 November 21

Tonight’s lead story:
having released the Krackern
Georgia Governor Krackern
the TRAITOR Brian Kemp
pick-up-trucked by Krackern,
Fox bowtied Krackern-Whisperer
2024 potential Krackern POTUS candidate
the Traitor Carlson
by Krackern decree (I am sm
all, I laugh),
Charles Koch ovens
he over-released the Krackern,
chuckles self-deprecatingly until cameras confirmed off
Today in Oligarchs’ Oopsey Ocence.

2019 September 3

Today in privilege: urpped eating
massive Windows updump
my laptop won’t poot post
shitdown, I need hard boot
start up, once up putt sleep re
fresh sleep putt refresh think
I have a warranty I *can* fuck up
my computer I called Dell
think let them into brain
click legal, drive me
fix me, fuck is wrong with me
Original problem still fresh resleep
the fuck in my brain ate my passwords
All but two posts a year tagged My Complicity
many of them Fine Metaphors Abound